Finding Quality Research:

Essential Questions:
Where should I look for quality research?
How do I know what I have is good research?

1. Finding and determining qualities of good research:

2. Asessing our understanding:
  • create a group of 3 - pick people who are not on your grade team
  • Select an article from the list below (whatever interests you)
  • Assess the article on the Google Form provided:
    • Click on "See Previous Responses" to see a summary of the group's thoughts.

3. Group Debrief

4. Your search results are only as good as your search terms:

5. Next steps ~ getting research to come to you:

Research Articles:

1. Goodwin, B. (2010). Choice is a Matter of Degree. Educational Leadership, 68(1). ASCD. Retreived October 1, 2010 from:

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4. Burns, M. (2010). As Easy as Pi. School Library Journal, 56(5). Retrieved September 30, 2010 from:
Be patient - it takes a minute to load :) This article is found on Learn Alberta, Online Reference Centre, Ebsco Host. (You will need to login. Username LA08; Password: 2732).

5. Andersen, C. (2010). Are Carbohydrates the #1 Health Menace? [Good Calories Bad Calories]. Retrieved October 1, 2010 from: